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who am I?

*boop beep doop*

Rob Camp was born several years ago in a cornfield in northeast Ohio, a rural region of the United States of America. The immediate vicinity in which he grew up, a small village called Orrville, is well-known for its vast, deep jelly mines and its vast, deep racism.

*bzzt doot*

After spending his adolescence hiding from everyone and smashing old trucks with a steel pipe, Rob went to Pittsburgh to study computer animation. It didn’t work out all that well, he refuses to draw stuff now. He did meet a girl there, though, and they are married now. Her name is Jen, and she’s as insane as Rob is.

*zoop bloot bort*

Rob was very unhappy throughout his childhood and the vast majority of his young adult life thus far. He decided to change his fate and enrolled at Kent State University, where he is finishing up a degree in psychology and biology. He plans to combine what he’s learned from the two disciplines and find an appropriate graduate program somewhere. He’s doing much better now; he thanks you for your inquiry.

*zzzzzzzzzzt chirp dtdtdt dt*

The future isn’t certain, I can’t even tell you that. All I do is formulate this blog and spit them out at you. So what Rob will be doing later on is anyone’s guess.

*end transmission zzzzzz blit*


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