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18 May, 2009: [137/365], 16:16.04 [Monday]
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So begins my first day out of school for a couple of months. Now I have nothing in my schedule but my job, with nothing to get my brain working beforehand. And goddamn is it mind-bendingly monotonous. I had been fearing this for a while. Nothing to do around here, coupled with working with scores of people I can’t really talk to, makes this place the event horizon of a black hole of tedium.

This is part of a realization that had occurred to me on Saturday: what the hell am I going to do when I’m done with school altogether? I only have a couple of months. It’s not the difficulty of the real world that worries me, I’ve dealt with that in spades and have the scars to prove it. No, it’s the banality of the nine-to-five that utterly terrifies me. Since I’m going to grad school in the fall of ‘10, it’s not like I can pick up a job for a year and be all ‘hay guize thx for the job gotta go’, so if this grant that Dr. Johnson applied for doesn’t pan out, then I’m stuck with Toyota. I don’t have much patience for the joint as it is, but the prospect of staying there for another year makes the bitter taste in my mouth more akin to vomit.

In the past, I’d complain about the job because it sucked and the pay was bad. But now, all that is tolerable, but it’s becoming progressively more difficult to do it without lapsing into a coma. The lack of stimulation is what will kill me.


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Godfuckingdammit, I wrote out a massive run-on sentence of a paragraph responding to this and the fucking thing gave me an error on posting.

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