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15 May, 2009: [134/365], 08:50.10 [Friday]
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So where was I? Oh, right…

Yeah, I had a crazy schedule this semester. And now it’s over. Today. Well, not exactly, I have one more exam to do in about three hours. Woop woop.

Things are looking up quite a bit. I’ve finished therapy a couple of weeks ago, and I’ve become a stronger person in the last three years. I have a better idea of who I am and what I want in my life. I’ve discovered more of my interests, which means I now have a hobby.

And soon, in about four more months, I’ll be finished here at KSU. I just have one more course to take, and that’s an intermediate level German class. Seriously, this is how I’m finishing my undergrad work. Anticlimactic, eh?

Starting at some point this summer, I will be working in the neuroscience lab where I’ve been studying for the last two semesters, only this time as an actual technician. It’s part time for now, which is fine, it’s better than nothing. I’m actually pretty psyched about it, because I’ll finally have more time to get down and perform some more complex procedures and learn quite a bit more.

I’m assisting with Dr. Johnson of the biology department in a joint project with Dr. Hughes of the psychology department, in a study of baroreceptor sensitivity in depressed versus normative subjects. Basically, we’re monitoring blood pressure in rats to observe whether or not depressed rats have decreased baroreceptor sensitivity (that is, do they detect blood pressure as readily and effectively as do non-depressed rats). I’m actually going to be performing some crazy surgeries, implanting blood pressure sensors into rats’ blood vessels. Yow. Can’t wait!

This summer, I plan on spending the slight bit of extra time I have going out and exploring, as I’ve mentioned a couple of posts down. I think the first on my list will be Chippewa Lake Park in Medina county; it’s an amusement park abandoned around 35 years ago. I just hope it’s not disappointing like some of my recent ventures (Hell Town? It’s not even Heck Town).

Welp, to sum it up, I have quite a bit planned for once in my life. This summer should actually be good. I can’t believe I’m being optimistic about something. What the hell…?


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