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on the prowl, pt. II: the rubber bowl and the soap box derby
09 January, 2009: [8/365], 17:11.26 [Friday]
Filed under: Life, Photography

After I left West Thornton, I ventured back home for a bit, and then set out for Arlington and Waterloo to see if there was anything interesting. There really wasn’t, but I ended up going too far on Waterloo, past Arlington. I thought I’d get lost, but figured I’d run into something anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this stuff isn’t out of the way and derelict, but it’s still pretty interesting in this context; winter’s here, outside fun time is over, and some of this stuff may as well be abandoned, right?

First, I went down to the Rubber Bowl, where the Akron Zips played their football games until the November just past. So maybe someday, this joint will be an urbex project after all.
This last one is a shot of the nearby Lockheed Martin plant, from the rear view mirror of my Civic. We’ll get back to that.

Right next to the Rubber Bowl is Derby Downs, where the All-American Soap Box Derby is staged each year.
I was tempted to drive to the top of that hill and coast down it, but I guess people were still working in the administrative building nearby. Damn. I’m still going to do it, someday.

What the hell is that?

Okay, there’s a totem pole by the bleachers. There is a historical marker nearby, it might have an explanation, but I didn’t feel like reading it, as the snow was about shin-deep in that area. Oh well, moving on…


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