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back to school
20 January, 2009: [19/365], 12:26.07 [Tuesday]
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Actually, I don’t have to write anything for this update, because the title says it all. Classes start today, and it’s the home stretch for me here at KSU. Technically, next semester will be my last, but I’m only going to be enrolled in a single course (damn foreign language requirements). Both of my majors will be complete come this May.

It’s not going to be easy, though. I’m taking eighteen credit hours, consisting of a microbiology lab, an individual investigation lab, two writing-intensive courses (three, if you count individual investigation), and an intermediate German language course. And after last semester, I’m beat. I don’t know how I’m going to perform.

But I just have to see the goal ahead of me and march forward, as I always do.


on the prowl, pt. III: lockheed martin and the skate park
09 January, 2009: [8/365], 17:43.22 [Friday]
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Across from the sporting arenas was the Akron Bike and Skate Park. The access road to the park (and the area with the totem pole in the last entry) looked like it hadn’t been touched, and I played around with the e-brake on my car, skidding and “drifting”. Gotta say, it was a blast. Lucky I didn’t get stuck or anything.

Anyway, the skate park looks like it’s been well-used, judging by the graffiti all over the place. The half-pipes and bowls are themselves an art anthology, a bunch of works by a bunch of different individuals, and it looks like a bunch of others decided to add their own touches to what’s already there.
What happened to you, Mario? I used to believe in you, man. Now I’m gonna resort to a life of drugs and crime…

As you can see, this is an anti-semitic skating venue. There’s quite a bit of Jew-hating rhetoric sprayed all over the joint.

Here’s the BMX race track.

And here’s a view of the skate bowl, with Lockheed Martin as a backdrop. Lovely view, no?

Another shot of Lockheed Martin, where people are hard at work building fighter jets or bombers or something. I dunno.

And before I left, there was this watchtower I had to get. I noticed it when I passed by on the way, and I couldn’t miss it on the way back.
Not really sure what the hell it’s used for, but it’s pretty cool.

This was an altogether fun time for me, which seems to be a rare thing to hear out of me. The areas I check out, while not truly remote, were empty enough to make it feel like I was wandering around like it was a real-life GTA, without the carjacking, whores, and murder. I was driving like a maniac around Derby Downs, because really, who was there to stop me? I had the entire road all to myself, on an urban safari, in a pre-apocalyptic wasteland.

on the prowl, pt. II: the rubber bowl and the soap box derby
09 January, 2009: [8/365], 17:11.26 [Friday]
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After I left West Thornton, I ventured back home for a bit, and then set out for Arlington and Waterloo to see if there was anything interesting. There really wasn’t, but I ended up going too far on Waterloo, past Arlington. I thought I’d get lost, but figured I’d run into something anyway.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I know this stuff isn’t out of the way and derelict, but it’s still pretty interesting in this context; winter’s here, outside fun time is over, and some of this stuff may as well be abandoned, right?

First, I went down to the Rubber Bowl, where the Akron Zips played their football games until the November just past. So maybe someday, this joint will be an urbex project after all.
This last one is a shot of the nearby Lockheed Martin plant, from the rear view mirror of my Civic. We’ll get back to that.

Right next to the Rubber Bowl is Derby Downs, where the All-American Soap Box Derby is staged each year.
I was tempted to drive to the top of that hill and coast down it, but I guess people were still working in the administrative building nearby. Damn. I’m still going to do it, someday.

What the hell is that?

Okay, there’s a totem pole by the bleachers. There is a historical marker nearby, it might have an explanation, but I didn’t feel like reading it, as the snow was about shin-deep in that area. Oh well, moving on…

on the prowl, pt I: west thornton
09 January, 2009: [8/365], 16:46.20 [Friday]
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Yeah, so I was bored, and I needed to get into a hobby. I decided I’d kinda check out the local urban decay here in Akron. My original plan was to go into the slummier areas and get shots of run-down bars and abandoned businesses, kinda like macro-urbex, without the breaking and entering.

I landed on W. Thornton St., a few exits from downtown.
This was a car wash or something, might have sold small parts too.

King Sign Co.: I thought this place was abandoned, but as it turns out, when I took this photo, there was a guy inside sitting there. Luckily, he didn’t see me.
And I was apparently illegally parked (behind the building, so no one would really see my car). Oops. Oh well. Praise Jeezus, I guess.

Here’s a few of the old, vacant buildings along the street. All in all, W. Thornton was pretty quiet [dead]. So much so, that I could have stood in the middle of the street and taken more photos, but I didn’t want to risk it. Maybe next time.

W. Thornton, westward

W. Thornton, eastward