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five years
05 September, 2008: [248/365], 09:59.27 [Friday]
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When people ask me how long I’ve been married, I tell them it’ll be five years this September [incidentally, today], and they usually respond with, ‘wow, that’s a long time, how old are you?’

People are amazed to see a couple married for more than a couple of years anymore. But five years, really, is just a drop in the bucket.

We’ve been through hell together, and this five years has been wild, to say the least. Sure, it’s been hard at times, but more often than not, I get the idea that people don’t ‘get’ marriage.

Here’s to another five years, tenfold. I love you, Jen.


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Aww, I love you so much honey! You are the best thing that has ever happened to me 😀

I love you Rob! ❤

Comment by Jennifer

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