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yes, the GOP is the party of progress…
03 September, 2008: [246/365], 15:46.55 [Wednesday]
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…and McCain didn’t pick Palin to attract angry PUMAs at all. No, this isn’t pandering. No way.

And such a warrior for women’s reproductive rights, too. Okay, she can be admired for carrying her baby to term knowing he had Down syndrome, but not all women want to do that. But if they were to go Palin’s way, they’d be forced to.

And we don’t know yet where she stands on issues like health care for children, paid family/maternity leave, and women’s pay.

But it’s okay, McCain chose a woman, so that means that the Republican party is for women.

(By the way, I don’t care about the whole Bristol thing, it’s just that the blatant pandering on McCain’s part skeeves me)


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